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Magic Flute Photo & Videos is an award-winning wedding studio that opened in New York back in 2001. Our documentary style is balanced, clean & imitates the texture and feel of film. With the help of our 4k cameras we have revolutionized event documentation by seamlessly orchestrating photography and videography into a single process, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day. We currently have 19 dates available for 2018. The following dates are fully booked: 5/15,5/19,8/17,9/30,10/13,10/26.




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For more than 14 years I have been working as an internationally award winning filmmaker, photographer, editor, and producer. After studying cinema at the University of Chicago, I began a life long passion for producing films and photography in New York City. I am constantly inspired by the rich cultural traditions I encounter around the world through my lens and the amazingly creative ways people interpret the universal celebration of love. Throughout my career I have also won a numerous international film festival awards for my narrative and documentary work in Peru, Italy, China, Canada, the US, and the UK. I am borderline obsessed with cameras and all of the creative possibilities photography affords. I love collaborating with my clients and bringing fresh eyes to my cinematic lens.


I began my photographic career in Germany in 2003 working for the prestigious documentary film company in Berlin, Oval Filmmemacher. I then spent 10 years traveling the world looking for amazing documentary subjects in Africa, Peru, Argentina, and Bangladesh before settling down in NY. My documentary work has won awards at Sundance, Berlin, and Silver Docs. My passion for documenting real people and events has translated easily into a passion for wedding photography and video. I love the personal relationships I get to develop with our couples and the unique way everyone approaches this universal tradition celebrating love and commitment. I feel so lucky that I have a career that allows me to use my creative skills to participate in this magical event. There is nothing more fun than to work with a couple who is as excited as I am to have fun and be creative.

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