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Magic Flute Photo & Videos is an award-winning wedding studio that opened in New York back in 2001. Our documentary style is balanced, clean and imitates the texture and feel of film. With the help of our 6K cameras we have revolutionized event documentation by seamlessly orchestrating photography and videography into a single process, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day.




About Us

Annika & Renzo

We met in Patagonia making a movie about tango; true story! Flash forward a Brooklyn loft, a farm house, and two kids later and we have our own epic love story as well. Together we have traveled the world making award wining fiction and documentary films, fashion photography, and art magazine features. But the most important work we produce is our own personal photos and videos of our time with our loved ones. We know how precious these moments are for you so we create images without a shelf-life; stories, moments, and feelings that endure. For the last 20 years, we have had the privilege of documenting adventurous, exceptional couples, as they celebrate their marriage and take their relationships to deeper levels of enduring love. We are devoted artists, but we value our clients experience above all. Applying the basic principle that when you feel good you look good, our documentary practice is about letting your natural love and authentic story shine through. We know how important your love story is. Wether it is producing a documentary film, a fashion look book, or editorial spread, documenting those fleeting moments and oft-forgotten details in life is our passion.




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